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Cambodia People

Cambodia People

Nationality: Noun and adjective--Cambodian(s), Khmer.
Population (2008 census): 13.4 million.
Avg. annual population growth rate (2008 census) 1.54%.
Health: Infant mortality rate--58/1,000. Life expectancy--59 years male; 63 years female.
Ethnic groups: Cambodian 90%; Vietnamese 5%; Chinese 1%; others 4%: small numbers of hill tribes, Cham, and Lao.
Religions: Theravada Buddhism 95%; Islam; animism; Christian.
Languages: Khmer (official) spoken by more than 95% of the population; some French still spoken in urban areas; English increasingly popular as a second language.
Education: Years compulsory--9 years. Enrollment--primary school, 94.4%; grades 7 to 9, 33.9%; grades 10 to 12, 16.4%; and tertiary, 2.8%. Completion rates--primary school, 85.58%; lower secondary school, 49.05%; upper secondary school, 20.58%; university, 6%. Literacy (total population over 15 that can read and write, 2007)--75.1% (male approx. 85%; female approx. 64%).


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