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Ham Rong Mountain


Ham Rong Tourist Mountain has an entrance around the corner from the church. The name is a turn-off, as is the entrance's fee (15,000D), but the views are the some of the best and most accessible in Sa Pa. A network of paved stone paths meander through a peach garden, a "European" garden, a stone forest, past a caged ostrich, scenic lookouts, and more.

The mountain also houses a "Culture Village of Ethnic Minorities." This is a really just a few shops, but the name and gate are perhaps the most flagrant example of Sa Pa's disconcerting human-zoo element.

The best reason to visit Ham Rong, however, is to climb the unestablished peak hidden behind the tourist paraphernalia. Walk all the way to the back of the cactus garden and you will see a small dirt path leading through the brush. The zigzagging trail branches into several smaller routes up the mountain. The most worn of these trains jogs around the left side of the peak, and the 30min hike leads to a small ganja patch. From here you can access one of the large boulders with 360°views of the Sa Pa Valley. If you lose the "trail," most of the smaller paths also make their way up toward the summit.

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