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Phuc Kien Assembly Hall


This one is the best choice for your Hoi An vacation ticket. Hoi An's oldest, largest, most colorful, and most complex structure, this hall was first constructed in 1697 by Fukienese immigrants who later rebuilt it in 1757. Past the pink columns of the Red Phoenix Gate, look down to see the symbol for longevity surrounded by five bats of happiness( well, as if there was any other kind of bat). The first courtyard contains stonework and a statue called "Carp Contemplating a Moon."

Above the inner archway, five bats frame the phrase "The goddess will give her follow man favor." This goddess is Thanh Mau, Holy Mother, Protectress of sailors, and goddess of the Sea. Just inside the main building, a mural depicts Thanh Mau preparing to rescue a ship from a wipeout-caliber wave. The main altar pays tribute to the congregation's ancestors' a smaller one to the right honors the God of Prosperity. (46 Tran Phu. Open daily 7am-6pm)

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